Event Admin for Businesses

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Event admin for businesses

Letting you focus on the important stuff

Are you an event manager that wants to focus on the creative and logistics of your event? Our services give you a PA who has the skills, understanding and experience to help the business run smoothly.

We are a business with a passion for events. Our primary focus with offering Event Administration is to enhance your team and make sure that whatever event you are organising that you have the best event possible.

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Event admin for businesses

From start to finish

By doing the admin that you do not enjoy, this gives you the time to focus on the more creative and exciting side of event planning - the coordination.

Supplier Research and Confirmations, RSVP administration, Emails and more. No need to go through the hassle of employing someone. We are here to assist you with all your planning administrational needs. One off task’s to monthly contracts. We are here to assist you. 
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